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Perfect form for 350 km flights

SPRINT Forma prepares a pigeon’s organism for short-distance flights (up to 350 km) and comprises a complete range of components to supplement their basic feed. When flying over short distances, a bird takes its energy mainly from carbohydrates with chemical transformations running mainly in the oxygen profile. SPRINT Forma supplies energy-containing components (low-index carbohydrates), and also substances stimulating the metabolism and increasing its effectiveness, such as taurine, L-carnitine, caffeine and glutamine. To prophylaxis negative effects of intensive effort, SPRINT Forma also contains muscle-protecting substances (HMB, aspartates), electrolytes, as well as such components which protect the liver (choline, inositol), vitamins (E, C, B12) and rosemary, which stabilises blood pressure, but at the same time has a motivating effect on the bird.


IMPORTANT ! The 350 limit is only conventional. If the condition of your pigeons is good, you can give the SPRINT Forma for distances of up to 450 km. This is because the oxygen threshold in well-prepared pigeons occurs later.



SPRINT Forma should be given before a short flight to:

  • provide pigeons with substances necessary during a flight
  • make pigeon's flight as fast as possible
  • stimulate and maximise pigeon's flying capabilities.

SPRINT Forma should be given at the amount of 5-10 g / 1 kg of feed or 1 L of water for 1-2 days. The period when the preparation should be given to the birds should depend on their condition and their preparation for the flight. Before an easy flight, it is enough to give it to the birds once, before a difficult one it can be given for 2 days before such a flight.



IMPORTANT ! SPRINT Forma is generally administered with feed (HEPATIC or 7-OILS as carriers). However, on the basketing day, give pigeons SPRINT Forma in water with the addition of INHALIC. This is important!


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SPRINT Forma contains: protein isolate + essential amino acids, HMB, electrolytes, fructose + sucrose, L-carnitine, L-glutamine total, caffeine, taurine, choline chloride, inositol, iron chloride, Mg + Zn aspartate, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 , citric acid, rosemary oil.


150 g 150 g package contains 375 portions for 1 pigeon. For the 50 pigeons for 4-5 flights.
250 g 250 g package contains 625 portions for 1 pigeon. For the 50 pigeons for 6-7 flights.