DNA Promotor
LINE - Breeding success
Excellent reproduction results

DNA Promotor enhances reproduction and increases the hatching indexes. The preparation contains a whole range of nutrients which satisfy the increased demand during the bird's reproduction period. Only properly nourished birds will yield healthy chicks and will not feel great “fatigue”. DNA Promotor contains a composition of herbs rich in phytohormones, which regulate the secretion of the bird's reproduction hormones. The preparation also contains vitamins, minerals and substances with a proven effect on the male and female reproductive system. Special care was exercised in selecting the proper concentrations of such compounds as B vitamins, vitamin E as well as calcium and phosphorus, because they are components of key importance for the success of breeding and reproduction. Owing to regular administration of DNA Promotor it is possible to achieve healthy chicks, valuable birds and to keep breeding pairs in good health.




DNA Promotor should be given to pairs during the breeding period in order to:

  • improve fertilisation and the hatching index
  • to improve the quality of eggs and chicks
  • it also improves the amount and quality of crop milk and regulates mating behaviour.


DNA Promotor should be given at the dose of 8 g / 1 kg of feed, every other day. It should be given to birds from two weeks before birds join to make couples, until day 7 after hatching. The preparation should be given throughout the season to breeding birds (1x week). (see the “Programme for breeding pairs")



DNA Promotor contains: Parts of plants and compounds of plant origin, for example from dandelion, lovage, fenugreek; Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E - dl-α-tocopherol, Vitamin C, Vitamin K3, B1, B2, B6, B12, nicotinic acid, calcium pantothenate, biotin, folic acid, choline chloride, total amino acids, (methionine, cystine, cysteine), Mn, Zn, Fe, Cu, Se.

230 g 230 g package contains 720 portions for 1 pigeon. For the 100 pigeons for 7 applications.