Healthy rearing of nestlings

1. Initially, nestlings’ health depends mainly on the physical condition of the parents. It takes some time before a pigeon’s immune system becomes fully active.
After hatching it is protected by an immunity passed on by its parents in the egg and in crop milk. This is the reason why a natural high level of immunity of breeding pairs directly translates into the health of nestlings. 


 2. Pigeons grow very fast. Before they are weaned, a breeder should start giving them VITAL Junior, which contains valuable proteins, vitamins, herbs and β-glucans to stimulate their immunity. With water, nestlings should be given MICRO Stop + 4-ACIDS as well as probiotics (due to immature digestive system). As an agent protecting the upper respiratory tract, use INHALIC + FUNGI Stop. Obviously, the supplements will also be consumed by the parents, but they will only benefit from it.

3. As the effect of the parents’ antibodies will soon stop, it is necessary to perform vaccinations, which will stimulate the nestlings’ immunity and will protect them against diseases. Two vaccination sessions should be performed. First before weaning, about 25 days after hatching, the second – 4 weeks after the first session (fixing the vaccination, which lowers the risk of disease in the nestlings). Give VITAL Immuno to the birds each time at vaccination. Remember that vaccination will be successful only when the birds’ immune system works properly. During the first weeks, many breeders apply the therapy against trichomonadosis. However, giving drugs to very young pigeons results in destabilising their immune system and has long-term adverse effects.

4. After weaning, continue giving the birds VITAL Junior, MICRO Stop + 4-ACIDS and INHALIC + FUNGI Stop according to the guidelines in the diagram. Also, give them GASTRIC and HEPATIC with feed. Perform deworming after weaning and do not forget to repeat the vaccination.

5. Repeat the immunity stimulating therapy before flying by giving birds VITAL Immuno for 10 days. Avoid treatment with drugs and look after the birds’ digestive and respiratory systems. You will find the programme for young pigeons’ flying on.

  Young pigeons' flights programmecan be found in a separate article - Young pigeons' flights programme