Medium- and long-distance flights and marathon programmes

The programme for long-distance flights is based on the MULTI series mixes. Moreover, preparations which enhance the function of the respiratory tract are recommended before and after the flight to ensure free oxygen uptake. The flight programme also provides for constant liver stimulation and the mix contains substances protecting the digestive system. An example administration scheme is shown in the table.


BEFORE THE FLIGHT - AddMULTI Forma with 7-OILS and HEPATIC to the feed. The duration of such supplementation depends on the flight difficulty and the form of birds. 1-2 days are suggested before an easy flight, 3-4 – before a more difficult one. The dose should grow gradually. On the day of basketing, MULTI Forma should be given with water and INHALIC.

AFTER THE FLIGHT – With the first water, give the pigeonsMULTI Regener (A+B) with INHALIC. Remember that the mix contains all the necessary components. Do not add to it any electrolytes, glucose, honey, etc. On the next days, still give them MULTI Regener, gradually reducing the amount of component B. Depending on the pigeon’s condition, give it MULTI Regener 3 to 5 times. During the post-flight period, a bird should also be given REVITAL with grain.

WHAT ELSE? - It is recommended that the pigeons should be given probiotic and a multivitamin mix 1-2 times a week. Currently, we have no such products on offer, so give the birds those that you have given them so far.