Programme for breeding pairs



It is obvious that every breeder dreams about good breeding and healthy nestlings. However, not every one of them remembers that in order to be successful in this business, you have to start work much earlier than at the time of mating. To everyone eager to succeed, we offer the programme for breeding pairs and nestlings (next page). It demands a lot of effort, but it is sure to pay off.







1. The programme is based on the assumption that pigeons start breeding in good form, strong, and with a high immunity level. A breeder should have their pigeons examined by a vet and apply an appropriate therapy with a properly selected drug, if it proves necessary. Remember !!! Do not perform any “blind” treatment or do not do it “just in case”. This will lower the flock’s immunity, and the parent birds’ immunity is of key importance for healthy breeding of the young. But we’ll talk about this more in a while.

2. Another step is a herbal cleansing therapy and vaccination, which should be preferably carried out 3-4 weeks before pairing. Thanks to this operation, females’ blood at the time of egg-laying contains a lot of antibodies which will get to the eggs and will then protect the nestlings. To boost the effect, giveVITAL Immuno to pigeons for 10 days.

3. About 1-2 weeks before pairing, start adding DNA Promotor + 7-OILSto grain. It supports the parents’ hormonal balance, improves the eggs’ and nestlings’ quality and increases the value of crop milk.


4. Success! Pairs are together and eggs already in bowls... Many breeders feel the temptation to apply some sort of therapy during the hatching period... Don’t do it! (unless a vet recommends it...). Repeat the VITAL Immunotreatment instead (5 days). Thanks to this, nestlings will get an increased dose of immune cells with crop milk.

5. After hatching, the young should remain with their parents for 4-5 weeks. On the next page you will read about what happens in this time.

6. After the nestlings are weaned, resume giving DNA Promotor + 7-OILS to pigeon pairs. Always apply liver treatment with HEPATIC between breedings, and give VITAL Immuno to parents during egg hatching.

7. Acidify water regularly and give birds MICRO Stop during the breeding period. Do not forget about probiotics. It is necessary to prevent birds from falling ill.