Short-distance flights programme - up to 350 km

The programme for flights of up to 350 km is based on the SPRINT series mixes, which are suited to satisfy the needs of pigeons flying at short distances. The mixes contain a full set of energy-providing substances and electrolytes. Moreover, preparations which enhance the function of the respiratory tract are recommended before and after the flight to ensure free oxygen uptake. The flight programme also provides for constant liver stimulation and the mix contains substances protecting the digestive system. An example administration scheme is shown in the table.


BEFORE A FLIGHT - SPRINT Forma should be given in feed with the addition of HEPATIC. You can also add 7-OILS, though this is not a necessity. Give the mix to the birds 1-2 days before the flight, depending on the pigeons’ form and the flight difficulty. It is of key importance that SPRINT Forma should be given to birds on the day of basketing. It should be given with water with an addition of INHALIC; make sure that the pigeons have drunk it. For short-distance flights it is enough if the preparation is given once, on the day of basketing.

– After returning from the flight, the pigeons should be given water with SPRINT Regener (A+B) and INHALIC. Remember that the mix contains all the necessary components. Do not add to it any electrolytes, glucose, honey, etc. On the next day after the flight, the pigeons should be given SPRINT Regener (only component A) with the feed. During the post-flight period, the pigeons should be given REVITAL with grain.

WHAT ELSE? – It is recommended that the pigeons should be given probiotic and a multivitamin mix 1-2 times a week. Currently, we have no such products on offer, so give the birds those that you have given them so far.


IMPORTANT ! The pigeons which are in good form can be given SPRINT mixes before longer-distance flights too (up to 450 km). Their metabolism is more efficient, they accumulate more energy with glycogen and the oxygen threshold occurs later.